Why You Need Professional Video

by Marion Abrams Tweed River Video


I recently read an article that suggested money conscious couples are skipping the video at their weddings.  I was shocked.  In today's media-savvy world, a good quality wedding video is more important than ever.  Here are just a few of the reasons:

Life Moves, Photos Don't
Photos are a wonderful way to capture moments in time.  Video captures time itself.  At a wedding I recently videotaped one of the bridesmaids composed a song and sang it to the bride and groom at their reception.  They are moved each time they watch it.   Many times video of toasts by parents and grandparents create lasting keepsakes of far away family members.  

Make it an Event
Watching a well-edited video of your wedding can be an event in itself.  Have a premiere party! When you watch the video together, you share the experience with friends and family.  With DVDs so easy to mail, many new couples send copies to relatives who couldn't attend the wedding.  Many save the videos to share with their children some day.

It's a New Networked World
Ask your videographer if they can help you share your video online.  Video isn't just on TV anymore.  Post in on Facebook, add it to your blog, load it on your iPhone so you can watch it the first time you have to be away from your love.

Safety Net
Even the best photographers in the world can make mistakes or misunderstand your wishes.  I recently worked with a bride who called me in tears because certain relatives were not represented in her photos.  The bride had hired a well known photographer with a good reputation, but for some reason, the photos were not there.  You can imagine how relieved she was to find that I had  recorded several scenes with these family members.

PLEASE...Use a Pro
Everyone's got a video camera these days, so why not just ask a friend to capture your wedding?  There's a simple answer.  Your wedding is not just any day.  Anyone can bake a cake, but you want something really special for your wedding.  You want a beautifully crafted wedding cake.  So you hire a professional with the right experience, attitude and equipment.  With a professional videographer you can relax and enjoy your day knowing you've hired someone with the right experience, attitude and equipment.  And you know in a few months you'll be celebrating the premiere!

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