We see the term "perfect" used to describe weddings a little too much.  So what makes a wedding perfect?  Really all it takes is a couple that's in love.  What made this wedding such a pleasure to be a part of was that the couple was super in love.  You can see it.  You can hear it.  You can FEEL it.

And with the help of wedding Planner Belinda Norris, and an amazing team of wedding professionals, this couple was able to create an expression of their personalities and of that love.  Everything from their choice of processional music, to their own vows ("thank you for being awesome" and "I can't wait to be your wife") to their choice of ring bearer (their beloved doggy).

Add to the fun and personal nature of this wedding the fantastic location on the shore of Lake Champlain.  This wedding passes all the tests.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll tingle, and you'll admire.


Jorie & Hal August 20, 2011