Who are you anyway?

August 27, 2010
I'm not super comfortable with putting my face all over this web site, but I accept that for couples to make an informed choice about me and the services I provide you want to know more about me.  So in the interest of getting to know one another, here is a profile Picabo Street's television show "Women of Winter" produced on me.  It's only about 3 minutes long, and touches mostly on the themes of her show, women and skiing.  I hope it helps you feel a bit more comfortable          

Something Different

July 29, 2010
Living in Vermont, I get to be a bit of a video jack of all trades.  I shoot weddings, educational videos, corporate videos, broadcast videos, and one of my favorites -  action sports.  This month I shot Pittsfield Vermont's "Death Race" for Outside TV.  I had a crew of 5 and we endured our own "Death Race" adventure in woods, rivers, mud and rain ... and we loved it!

Yesterday I had the chance to shoot the high ropes course at Eliteam Camps near Sugarbush.  Having a wedding in a unique outdoor locations?  We'd love to be a part of it!.


Do you love Super 8 Film?

May 11, 2010
We do.  There's just something magical about the look and feel of Super 8 films and old home movies.  We shoot in HD, but now with our new wedding music video package we can offer an old home movie inspired style.  This clip is in color with a look of light streaks like an old home made film discovered in the attic.  We can also create beautiful grainy black and white, color super 8, or grunge music video inspired styles. 

I'd love to talk with you about how we can blend your vision with our process. 

:30 seconds with a wedding photographer

April 28, 2010
Do you think you can get a sense of someone's personality in :30 seconds?  You won't get to know everything a bout them, but I think you get a sense of who they are. 

Here is the second in my series of :30 second photographer profiles.  This one follows dynamic photographer J.P. Elario as he shoots for Well Wed's Vermont Vows Magazine.  We spent the day shooting gowns for the Spring / Summer issue at the Tundbridge World's fair.  If you search back to my first blog post, you can watch Barrie Fisher's profile too.

Stop in on Facebook and let me know what you think.


Emmy nominated .... no, really.

April 26, 2010
I'm thrilled to begin this spring  with a new weapon in my battle against the stereotype of the cheesy wedding video.  I take only a limited number of wedding projects each summer so that I can remain fresh, attentive and enthusiastic with each couple, the rest of the time I work on other broadcast and corporate projects.  This spring my videography and editing work on one of those (Vermont Spotlight) was nominated for the New England Emmy awards.


NOT unique NOT special day!

April 15, 2010
Ok, I'm trying something bold today.  I'm doing my best to remove the words "unique" and "special day" from my web site completely.  Yes, of course each wedding is unique, every human is unique and so is each snowflake.  And I certainly believe a wedding is a truly special day.  I've been married for 10 years and it transformed my life!

Here's my point.  I'm determined that couples should be able to be themselves, truly.  To make their wedding day a celebration of who they are as a couple and how they will become one.  For most of us the language of wedding sales and products is not our natural language.  And so I am determined to treat each bride, each groom, each mother, father, brother, sister, bridesmaid and groomsman as a person.  The way I would want to be treated.  And to do away with the artificial language of weddings.  Good bye "unique" and good bye "special day."

What do you think?

Kicking off our blog!

April 7, 2010
As the wedding season approaches I thought I'd get things going this year by adding a blog to our online presence.  You can already find us here at our web site, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and now we're ready to add a blog.

At Tweed River Video I choose to take only a limited number of Wedding Video projects each season so that I approach each event fresh, enthusiastic and focused.  The rest of the time I continue working on projects for my other video businesses Madmotion and Vermont Spotlight.  I have some fun and interesting content planned, this won't be a blog of of just wedding videos (but there will be some great wedding film excerpts featured.)

I'm kicking things off this week with the first in my series of :30 second portraits of photographers.  This one features Barrie Fisher shot during the Vermont Vows Magazine bridal gown shoo at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair.



About Me

I studied painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Film at NYU, then started a career in documentary filmmaking in New York City. I soon realized the city life was not for me. After time in Aspen and in Rockport Maine I came to Vermont for a seasonal television job in the ski industry and never left. I have run my own video production business, Madmotion, llc., since 1996. I started Tweed River Video specifically for wedding video work in 2003. In addition to weddings I continue to work in documentary, commercial and sports video production and design.



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