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August 1, 2011
I love working with creative couples, this wedding at the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden Vermont provided so many fantastic images the greatest challenge was selecting the best.  I hope you enjoy the story of Shana & Jamie's wedding in 3 minutes as much as I do.


July 11, 2011
Jennifer and Jeff have been together, well, let's just say a while.  She walked down the aisle to the song "At Last."  And yet there was a great feeling of anticipation before their wedding.  Was it the sense of early spring?  Knowing everything was just about to burst into bloom?  Watch the nervous excitement and Jennifer and Jeff prepare, then see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Here's what the bride had to say:

"Just a quick note to let you know that we FINALLY got to sit down last night and watch the video!
Thank you SO SO SO Much!
It absolutely captured the feeling of the day! And we know we will love showing it off to our family and friends!
And of course, we will be watching it over and over!
Thank you so much for being a part of our day!!!! Love, Jennifer"

Location: Mountain Top Inn
Planner: Storied Events
Flowers: The Painted Tulip
Photographer: Andy Duback


Rainy wedding weekend

May 27, 2011
Amazing.  Yes, it rained.  Then suddenly it stopped, just long enough for Chelsea the wedding coordinator at Mountain Top Inn to gather everyone up and allow Shana and Jaimie to have the outdoor ceremony they hoped for.  Just a few minutes after the ceremony, more rain.  And then, to top it all off, the rainbow.

Here's a :30 second sneak preview.


How to get the BEST video of your wedding

May 5, 2011

STEP 1 - Love the video!
It can be easy to get so caught up in budgets, schedules and availability that you forget to see if you actually like the work of your vendors.  So step one, look at samples and make sure you choose someone whose work clicks for you. Most videographers have samples on line, so this is much easier than it was just a few years ago.  Think about how the video makes you feel when you watch it, and how you want to feel 1 year, 2 years or 10 years from now when you revisit your wedding day.  Once a videographer’s work has passed the “love it” test it’s on to step two.

STEP 2 - Like the person!
Even more important than good work is the right personality.  Remember that having a great wedding is the one thing that’s more important than having a great video.  Your videographer will be at your side most of the day. Is he or she pleasant? Easygoing? Professional? Cheerful?  First find out who will actually be shooting the wedding (in a boutique shop like mine I shoot all my weddings, in some larger companies there may be several videographers).  Then see what couples have said about working with that person.  Check independent reviews on sites like WeddingWire, and ask wedding professionals like florists, photographers and planners.  They have a good sense of who has a professional manner and is enjoyable to work with.  If you can, have a quick face to face meeting with the videographer, if not you can tell a lot from a phone call.

STEP 3 - Nuts and Bolts.
You’ve determined that you like your videographer’s work and personality, now you move on to the nuts and bolts.  Some advice columns recommend you ask technical questions like how many cameras, what format, and what type of mic.s a videographer uses.  In my opinion  if you like the finished work, and you like the person, the equipment they use doesn’t matter.  There is one exception. I would suggest asking what back up plans they have in place, things can go wrong with equipment, and a good professional will have a back up camera standing by, and more than one means of recording sound.

STEP 4 - Communicate
What else can you do to insure the best possible video? Two things, one: let your videographer know how you feel, so he or she can be an effective partner. Are still photos more important than video, that's ok, but it helps if we know. Do you hate bright camera lights, we can work around that. Two: do your best to keep the videographer informed.  If an important toast is about to start  your videographer needs to be in place before it begins in order to catch it all.  Give your videographer a rough schedule of the day with stars on events that are most important to you, then  assign your planner or a family friend as a liaison to give your videographer a heads up if something important is about to happen.

When you find great partners, you and your wedding professionals will work together toward the same goal, to create and capture a beautiful day.  



April 15, 2011
The best work always comes from working as a team.  Blending my ideas with my client's vision.

This week I helped photographer Barrie Fisher create a :45 second web video to showcase her work and personality.  If it;s successful, it will leave you wanting to see more of her photos and get to know her better.


Behind the scenes at Prepare to Wed's Vermont photo shoot

March 22, 2011

March 22nd was another snowy day in what has been a very snowy winter in Vermont.  But inside the Inn at the Round Barn Farm it was warm and colorful as an amazing array of wedding professionals gathered for a Prepare to Wed photo shoot.  Here is just a tiny taste of what went on.  




Beautiful sight - a mom Yak

March 16, 2011
Last week I was working on a commercial videography job.  My task was to collect some winter scenes in one of the valleys along the Green Mountains.  We stopped in at a Yak farm, and there was this amazing sight. This powerful mama Yak was steaming in the warm spring sunshine, while icicles hung from her face.

Just one of the reasons I love living here, and shooting video here.


Small Town Life

March 2, 2011
One of the reasons I choose to live in my tiny (population about 400) town of Pittsfield Vermont nestled in the Green Mountains is that I get to know most of my neighbors.  One place we all gather every year is Town meeting.  I took a couple of snapshots with a pocket camera this year.


Better wedding videos for LGBT couples

February 8, 2011
I've always believed that love is love, and been thrilled to work with any couple who wants to capture the details and emotions of a special day.  And while love IS love, it turns out I had more to learn about providing the best possible service to gay couples.

A few days ago I headed to the Vermont Wedding Parlor to hear Bernadette Coveney Smith from 14 Stories talk with a group of Vermont wedding professionals about planning gay weddings.  We learned about some of the new traditions same sex couples have developed, many of us wished we had known about these for our own weddings.  I love the egalitarian idea of having 2 aisles, and the affirming love captured in the signing of a foundation covenant.  

We also learned that not every place is like Vermont, and that it is still legal to discriminate against someone simple because they are gay in some states.  It's a good reminder that some gay couples, especially from other parts of the country,  may be wary when first speaking with a wedding vendor.

I'm thrilled I went to the workshop.  Thrilled to live in Vermont and work with so many open minded wedding professionals, and thrilled that I can better serve the next couple that inquires about my services.  Thank you  Bernadette and the Gay Wedding Institute, and thank you Vermont Wedding Parlor for hosting the workshop. 


Art inspires Art

January 31, 2011
One of the reasons I love filming weddings in Vermont is that the locations are always so beautiful.  Art inspires art.  And beauty inspires beauty.  Beautiful locations inspire me to make my work beautiful, warm interesting people inspire me to make my films warm and interesting.  

Last summer I had the opportunity to create a profile of Vermont glass blowing artist Simon Pearce.  This is a still from that video.

You can see the complete Simon Pearce video at our "Vermont Spotlight" site, and enjoy videos of other Vermont people and places. 

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