Ok, I'm trying something bold today.  I'm doing my best to remove the words "unique" and "special day" from my web site completely.  Yes, of course each wedding is unique, every human is unique and so is each snowflake.  And I certainly believe a wedding is a truly special day.  I've been married for 10 years and it transformed my life!

Here's my point.  I'm determined that couples should be able to be themselves, truly.  To make their wedding day a celebration of who they are as a couple and how they will become one.  For most of us the language of wedding sales and products is not our natural language.  And so I am determined to treat each bride, each groom, each mother, father, brother, sister, bridesmaid and groomsman as a person.  The way I would want to be treated.  And to do away with the artificial language of weddings.  Good bye "unique" and good bye "special day."

What do you think?