As the wedding season approaches I thought I'd get things going this year by adding a blog to our online presence.  You can already find us here at our web site, on Facebook, and on Twitter, and now we're ready to add a blog.

At Tweed River Video I choose to take only a limited number of Wedding Video projects each season so that I approach each event fresh, enthusiastic and focused.  The rest of the time I continue working on projects for my other video businesses Madmotion and Vermont Spotlight.  I have some fun and interesting content planned, this won't be a blog of of just wedding videos (but there will be some great wedding film excerpts featured.)

I'm kicking things off this week with the first in my series of :30 second portraits of photographers.  This one features Barrie Fisher shot during the Vermont Vows Magazine bridal gown shoo at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair.