Pittsfield celebrated recovery from Irene with a wedding.  Brian and Del'Rae spent the weeks after Irene working and volunteering around town.  They didn't have much free time to make a new plan for their wedding.  Because roads were still not safe to travel, the wedding moved from an out of town site to an in town site.  After Saturday's town wide meeting (the last in a series of meetings that began when the town was cut off by road damage caused by Irene's floods) volunteers stayed to clean the church for the ceremony.  Meanwhile local wedding venue Riverside Farm had postponed the big out of town wedding planned for that day, so they offered their space to Brian and Del'Rae.  An event planner from Killington resort pitched in working with the Riverside team to make sure things rand smoothly.  Folks from the Swiss Farm Inn, Clear River Tavern, and other community members provided food and drink, and the couple road from the wedding to the reception in one of the local volunteer fire department's trucks.  It was a great way to celebrate after a lot of hard work, and I'm sure many other people pitched in in ways I don't know about.  I donated a wedding video, and when it's edited, I'll post it here.  In the meantime, here's a :15 second preview.