I've always believed that love is love, and been thrilled to work with any couple who wants to capture the details and emotions of a special day.  And while love IS love, it turns out I had more to learn about providing the best possible service to gay couples.

A few days ago I headed to the Vermont Wedding Parlor to hear Bernadette Coveney Smith from 14 Stories talk with a group of Vermont wedding professionals about planning gay weddings.  We learned about some of the new traditions same sex couples have developed, many of us wished we had known about these for our own weddings.  I love the egalitarian idea of having 2 aisles, and the affirming love captured in the signing of a foundation covenant.  

We also learned that not every place is like Vermont, and that it is still legal to discriminate against someone simple because they are gay in some states.  It's a good reminder that some gay couples, especially from other parts of the country,  may be wary when first speaking with a wedding vendor.

I'm thrilled I went to the workshop.  Thrilled to live in Vermont and work with so many open minded wedding professionals, and thrilled that I can better serve the next couple that inquires about my services.  Thank you  Bernadette and the Gay Wedding Institute, and thank you Vermont Wedding Parlor for hosting the workshop.